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Wulf and Batsy: Volume One


Nominated as BEST HORROR COMIC BOOK of 2008 by the Rondo Hatton Awards! Wulf and Batsy by Bryan Baugh chronicles the adventures of a ferocious werewolf and his cute female vampire companion, as they wander the earth in search of a place to call home. Along their way they run into angry villagers, zombies, mad scientists, and a horde of other weird monsters. Wulf and Batsy: Volume One is the first collected trade paperback in this series. This 240-page volume contains the first 2 complete Wulf and Batsy stories: "We Have No Home" and "Bizarre Experiments". Also included is a Pin-Up section featuring images of Wulf and Batsy drawn by guest artists such as Josh Howard, David Hartman, and others. The last section of the book is a 40-page supplement, packed with sketches and explanatory text, showing how the characters were created and how the stories were developed.