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Wulf and Batsy: Scarifying Tales

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"Wulf and Batsy" is a continuing series of comic adventures about a werewolf and a cute female vampire, wandering the earth in search of a place to call home. But everywhere they go, they eat people, and have to keep moving on. This 32 page horror comic contains three short stories about Wulf and Batsy, titled, "Them's Monsters", "If You Knew...", and "The Left Stocking". Created, written, and illustrated by Bryan Baugh.

"Scarifying Tales" is a great sampler if you are interested in Wulf and Batsy but haven't yet read the longer trade paperback volumes. These stories are little episodes unto themselves. They will give you a good feel for the characters but won't leave you feeling like you are "missing something" just because you haven't read other Wulf and Batsy material.

"Scarifying Tales" was originally released as a digital comic by Asylum Press, but is now being offered in printed form for the first time... and includes a couple of extra surprises that were not included in the digital comic version.