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Damaged Copies for a Discount! Wulf and Batsy VOLUME 1 trade paperback

$8.00 / On Sale

It's one of the basic risks with printing books. Every once in a while you receive a shipment from the printer, containing one or two copies that got dinged, or dented, or bashed, in transport.

Sometimes, damage occurs at conventions... Someone bumps your books, and one of them falls off the stack, and gets hurt.

What can ya do. Things happen.

Over the years of self-publishing my Wulf and Batsy graphic novels, I've accumulated a small box of these "Damaged Copies".

None of them are falling apart. None of them have pages falling out. All are, I suppose, perfectly "readable" copies. But, ALL of them have suffered some form of damage: Bent covers. Bashed, or cracked spines. Some have cover lamination peeling around the edges.

Nothing severe enough to warrant throwing them away... but I can't sell them at full price.

SO - If you are curious to read Wulf and Batsy, but hesitant to order a $20 or $25 volume over the internet... And if you don't mind a book with visible wear and tear, here's your chance to get Wulf and Batsy trade paperbacks at a serious discount.

I'm selling these "damaged copies" for $8 a pop. Plus shipping.

I've got 13 "damaged copies" of Wulf and Batsy Volume 1.

First come, first serve.
If you order one of these - I'm just gonna reach into the "damaged copies" box, and pull out the first damaged "Wulf and Batsy Volume 1" Trade Paperback on top of the pile, and send it to you. You might get one with only a slight crease in the cover, or a big, ugly crack up the spine. View the photos to see the range of damage to expect. Again, I promise none of the pages are falling out. They are all perfectly "readable" copies. They just look beat-to-hell.

No refunds and no returns. And no complaints! You know what you are getting here! These copies are cheap for a reason.

Some kind person, please give these poor damaged copies a home so I don't have to throw them out on the street!

Available to U.S. customers only.